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So here I go... Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year. We both came from abusive relationships...I was with a man who ignored me, mentally abused me, and nearly drove me to suicide. My girlfriend dated a narcissistic bitch for 5 years, who cheated on her 3 times and forced her into an unstable abusive three way relationship. Eventually, we both found each other and left our abusive relationships. A year later, we are now engaged... I love my girlfriend...but I'm so....so lonely. A lot of times, she wants attention and cuddles, or more like for me to cuddle HER, for me to pay attention to HER. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, she wants me to drop what I'm doing and cater to her. What about me? When do I ever get to be called beautiful or get loved on? Whenever I try to talk to her, she doesn't seem interested in my conversations anymore. She doesn't even try to take interest in things I show her. I tried and took interest in one of her favorite video games, but when I tried to get her to play mine or just try it out she stopped playing 30 minutes in. She also has a very strong libido...and I get sad because I'm scared I'm not keeping up with it. She wants sex every day, and I feel like the sex goes on forever...I love having sex with her, don't get me wrong. She is the most beautiful person in the entire world and I can't keep my hands off her, but my libido can't keep up. I think something is wrong with me because I never get urges anymore. For anything! and that's strange for me. I think it could be my uterus, I suspect PCOS has something to do with it, but she gets upset whenever I don't feel like doing anything and it makes me feel so bad. I recently proposed to get in Valentine's weekend. I bought her a ring, took her to the aquarium, and proposed to her on a Ferris wheel. The whole time she was ill as a hornet, didn't talk, asked why I chose the aquarium, and we got into a fight on the way home. We made up, but I'm secretly not over her being ill the whole day I preposed to her. It was her early Valentine's Day present. On Valentine's day...I didn't get anything or anything after that. I'm sad. I'm sad because I preposed to her but I still have no ring. She said she is going to get me one when she gets her taxes back, but then she says she wants to buy a car for herself when she gets her taxes...which is great. But which is it? I'm just so sad and alone. I would talk to her about my feelings, but she gets angry when I do. It felt good to get this off my chest, but my chest still hurts from lonliness.

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  • It sounds to me like your relationship is very one-sided... I think she's damaged from her previous relationship and she uses you to make herself feel better (hence the constant need for attention). Her pushing you around and being a brat isn't what I'd call abusive, but at the very least, it's shitty. After a bad relationship, I know you want to cling to the first good relationship you have- I've been there. But this doesn't sound like a good relationship anymore. Any relationship where your SO won't listen to you talk about your feelings (or anything for that matter) isn't a healthy relationship at all. Only you can decide what to do, but honestly, I strongly advise against this marriage.

  • Action speaks louder than words, love is suppose to go both ways. Her action tells me she doesn't care and I really hate to say this. It could because of her past or you may not be the one for her. But that isn't an excuse, she shouldn't be treating like that knowing what you've been through.

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