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" I will always be there for you " ( until you say that you're different and in that case I will turn my back on you ) " I will always support you " ( until you say that you might like boys and in that case I will tell you that you might go to hell and that it's just a phase ) " I will always love you " ( until you come out as gay and in that case I will stop talking to you, I'll tell you that you're gonna burn , take your phone away, prevent you from going out and try to " cure " you with books and religion ) " I'm your mother "( until you say you won't change and in that case i will disown you and tell you to leave the house , tell you that you were a mistake and that it would be better if you left the house )

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  • Your mum is weird. Anyone that says being gay is wrong is weird. Like, seriously, theyre the ones going to hell and I will make sure to torture them most - Satan

  • I'll be there for youuuu cause you are there for me toooooooo

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