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I recently discovered I have anthrophobia, I am just relieved I know what my problem is. I've been dealing with anthrophobia for years, I didn't take it seriously and force myself to ignore it. I would avoid eye contact and just tremble when in an area I am not familiar with or near someone I don't know. I fight with myself everyday the moment I step out of my home. I am not afriad of what people think of my personality or my apparence for an example, them being beside me is enough to trigger a panic attack. I rarely mentioned it because I don't to be a victim. I want to live a normal life and have a normal conversation without having a panic attack. I don't care if people think I am weird. It's just scary living like this because not only I need to work but also talk to people I don't know. It's a challenge I need to overcome eventually.

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  • Phobias are cureable, aren't they? You'll make it my friend :)

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