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For my 6th birthday party, my mom bought a lot of awesome small toys - not for me, but for the other children who were my guests (as gifts and prices for the games). I never had gotten such cool gifts like they got, and even though I understand her motives today, back then it felt horribleand I thought she valued the other kids more than me. I think this might be why I always feel like I'm worth less than all other people.

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  • It's okay. My mom did the same when I was a child. She used to gift cool stuff to her friend's kids or neighbour's kids and I don't even remember her giving me any gift. Obviously I felt bad then. I also never got a nice(expected a gaming console every year) gift other than a few greeting cards. You know what, I started giving less of a bother at it and moved on.

  • Your part of the human condistion we are worthless we are not important to this world at all, only things we are so called important to is other humans. This world would live longer and better without humans in it, be lucky you had a 6th birthday party some people don't make it to 6 and some have no idea what a birthday is, look at the pond fully before you put your self in there and start to think your life is XYZ, because no one's life is anything but what they make it!!!

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