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One of the things that really disgusts me about my breast reduction surgery is how insensitive guys are about it. Like, I have a valid reason to have it done because they could cause health hazards in the future. They make my back hurt and my chest hurt whenever I try to go to sleep. And you know what guys have the audacity to say? "Send me a picture of them before you get them chopped off" and "Guys won't like that" and "How will you nurse your future kids?" Okay first off, I'm a lesbian so I couldn't care less about what guys like or don't like. Second, I don't want kids. I'll never have them. It's like they don't even care that health hazards are possible, they don't care that they hurt or anything. They just care about their pleasure. They think I'm trying to be a guy so they want a picture of them before I get them "chopped off." The fucking audacity of people, I swear to god.

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  • I'm a man trapped in a women's body! I want your big ol titties !

  • Why are you talking to guys? #FakeLesbian

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