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Random story: I was at the library today around 8pm and I needed to use the bathroom but I didn't want anyone to be in the bathroom while I was using it cause that's awkward so I went to the upstairs bathroom cause the upstairs part of the library is usually less crowded than the downstairs part so I figured there was less of a chance that anyone would be in that bathroom. So I was doing my thing and halfway through, someone else came into the bathroom so I hurried out of there even though I wasn't done. I don't know why. I have kind of like a phobia of people listening to me use the bathroom. So I went to the downstairs bathroom and while I was finishing someone came into the bathroom again but I was already done so I didn't care. I was washing my hands when this old lady with short spiky red hair came out. I was too busy drying off my hands so I didn't hear what she said me. I stopped and said, ‘’what?’’ And she replied, ‘’I said, my what lovely hair you have.’’ I smiled and thanked her. I was about to leave when she said ‘’You know, I used to have hair as long as yours when I was younger. You see, I was a painter, and I would tie my hair in a knot on top of my head and pour water on it to cool me off.’’ I nodded and said ‘’uh huh,’’ and she went on with her story. ‘’’My hair mildewed!’’ She said. ‘’Can you believe it? I couldn't get the smell out of it, so I had to cut it all off.’’ I didn't know what to say so I said ‘’Geez, that must've been tough,’’ she nodded and said it was. we were walking out of the bathroom when I said ‘’I'm actually thinking of cutting my hair. It always gets in the way of everything.” And she said “oh, I know what you mean,” and walked away. I went back to the table where I had left my books and started reading for a little bit. I could smell brownies and cupcakes and coffee from the cafe down the street. Then I got bored so I typed this thing out while I waited for my mom to pick me up. Thanks for reading and sorry this story was so boring lol.

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  • It's nice how casual it is actually😊

  • So lame ! Thought this story was gonna have a funny ending. There's 30 sec of my life wasted. 👎🏻

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