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I think bruises are pretty so I give them to myself in places only I can see

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  • That's stupid. Just make fake ones with makeup. Don't hurt yourself because it's 'pretty'. It's not pretty. It's disgusting. They turn a nasty yellow color. I get plenty of them doing hard work (which it sounds like you know nothing about). It's disgusting to see blood pooling beneath the surface of your skin and then watch your body break it down over the course of a week or so. It's nasty. And bruises are hideous. No one picks up a bruised banana and thinks 'This is the most beautiful fruit I've ever seen!' No, the bruised one is the one that sits on the table for weeks until it's barely eatable anymore and then someone who doesn't want to waste it spreads it on a sandwich.

  • Please don't overdo it, be careful not to cause permanent or life threatening damage. I don't know what you do, but the few options that come to my mind could really cause a ruptured kidney or something.

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