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I have a confession, the confession is that I hate everyone equally. Now to the point of this post: I thought this app would be interesting and there was are a few good posts here, people really wanting to confess something but 90% is bitching about cock, pussy or how much you hate something what reads like people know so its not a confesstion. Lets think someone stating they like BLUE or they like something or not isn't a confession this is a statment, a confession on the other hand is you have just slept with your best friend got kocked up or you knocked them up, while your friends partner is fighting for there life in the hopistal, you feel guilt ridden but don't know how to tell the dying friend in that state you just bonked there partner. That is more of a confession, don't get me wrong I read a few here what are bitch's and they offered a good giggle but its not what a app is like this is for, Facebook is for the bitching. Confess, let the guilt or enjoyment out but leave your bathroom take where it belongs - Facebook.

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