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Today I punched the face of a guy(I'm 15 and he's 19) who told me I had sex with my sister in a garbage dump. I feel so relaxed and satisfied now. Dude got 4-5 teeth knocked out and I don't even care if a police case is on me. People who used to bully me at school have this special kind of fear or respect or I don't know what it is. They now smile and wanna talk to me more and best my crush started peeking at me more often. It's been 2 days and no shit has happened between my parents and his parents. My parents are so supportive on me and dad told I did a "fine ass job" (never expected dad to say that lol).

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  • This shit is faker than a 25 year with daddy issues on AshleyMadison

  • Its always good to beat the shit out of satan err stan

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