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I want to gift my mom a trip to another city for her birthday, just us two, because she said she'd love to have a mother-daughter holiday again and I never make time for her (which isn't nice, I know). But I can by no means afford it. I don't know what I should do. Letting her pay and saying "the present is that I come with you" seems so narcissistic and rude, but as I said, I can't pay it.

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  • Depends on your mother's, if she likes traveling, just travel within city, to places she never been. If she is homey person, the bellow suggestions it's worth to try. Good Luck, have fun.

  • Do something together within your budget. You can arrange a day where you just do something you both enjoy, be it watching a series/film or preparing a homecooked meal together. Or something that costs money, but not as much. Taking het out for lunch, for example. Letting her pay for a trip you came up with will likely not be appreciated, as you already said, so save that idea for when you can afford it.

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