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I let embarrassing memories make me miserable a lot, and when I complain about it, the number one tip I get is "It's been so long, nobody even remembers besides you" or "nobody even noticed". But I remember a lot of embarrassing stuff that others did. I remember a lot of things that make me not like them as much even today. And I notice a lot of those "nobody notices" moments, like when someone picks their nose or has a nip slip. So if I remember and notice, why shouldn't they?

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  • I have anxiety and I feel this same way. But the truth is, the reason you notice is because you're working afraid of people noticing you. Normal people honestly don't dwell on these things and get haunted by them. Most people don't even notice your existence (which can be kind of sad, but I don't mean it to be sad. I just mean strangers probably don't even remember seeing you).

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