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I tell people that I give "losers" a chance and text with them or meet them even though they're annoying and strange because I believe in good character and such, but the truth is, I do it because I've been a loser myself and know how a single person not rejecting you can change your world. I don't know if this makes it better or worse.

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  • I win my battles, so when I meet someone less fortunate, It's to empower them. -not all but some- no such thing as a loser.

  • as ine of the said "Loosers" id say... it can make a difference. because it makes us feel better and... maybe wanted and accepted... i didnt had a flirt in almost a year, no sex or even a kiss in 3.. and never a relationship at all... im 27 now, and to be honest im lonely and extremely insecure.. I'm a quiet and more the serious guy, which always just makes me the "Best friend" aka "A sexless object"... and i start to hate myself for that.

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