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I think feminism is the 21st century plague

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  • Feminism is a lost cause, no point talking sense into them. They'll scream rape and get away with it.

  • Feminist isn't the same anymore, instead of prostesting about 'equal pay' or 'safe spaces' for an example how about putting your freedom of speech to good use. I don't see feminist prostect in religious countries to fight for women rights. I don't see feminists going to organization and helping women recover from forced prostitution. I don't see feminist helping little girls who are married off because of religion and culture. They talk about abuse and rape culture and yet those who protest in the streets and assult or harass others don't go to those countries to fight what they believe in. Feminism is a complete joke, why prostest about equality but assult a man. Why rape against men isn't taken seriously. In this century people only care about themselves and its honestly pathetic.

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