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I still have my sister's ex husband as a friend on Facebook so I can be nosy and let her know the bullshit I see. I saw his friend call my sister "scrum of the earth" and I swear to you, it took everything in me to not go off on him in a reply. He's a Marine so I know he wouldn't care if I cuss him out and he'd just throw it back 10 times as brutally. But I still am protective of my big sister and I don't want some ass wipe talking shit about her. I wanted to tell him "I know neither of them are perfect but don't you talk shit about my sister. Keep your stupid ass out of this. Keep my sister's name and my nephew's name out of your mouth. Fuck you" But I'm a sensible adult so I just blocked him. I should've screenshot the comment but I'll unblock him and do that later if I need to.

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  • Honestly, you and your sister shouldn't care about him that much. He should be totally out of her life.

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