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So, I don't get on facebook. I don't care about it. And today is my birthday. My mother know I don't get on Facebook. She sends me a text that says "go look at the post I put on facebook." So I go look, and I like it. Now I usually don't even do that shit. She texts me and says "Go post on it." I reply telling her that I liked it. her only response is "Go post on it." And I'm not. I don't post on facebook, I don't like facebook. And every brithday, hers or mine, she fusses because "well no one else knows you said happy birthday/you seen what I posted!!" does it really fucking matter? You and I know, isn't that what matters? I've spent all day with her on her birthday, and she still wasn't happy because I didn't post on Facebook about it. Facebook isn't everything. We don't have to post every second of our lives on this website.

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  • My dad wastes all his time on Facebook but then complains that he doesn't have time to do anything... :/ He's not like your mom though. He doesn't get upset about people seeing posts.

  • That would drive me crazy. My mom is a Facebook addict as well. Your mom sounds like a social whore

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