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black person: I hate white people, they’re disgusting and ugly and the source of all my life problems. You know what I really want? White people genocide, yeah! Fuck white people. If you’re white you’re worthless scum to me. And uhh...slavery! Slavery is so totally relevant today. Fuck white people. Everyone: ….. white person: well I don’t know...I don’t think I would date a black person haha...I don’t have anything against black people it’s just that I’m usually attracted to other white people. It’s just my preference and I can’t really control it. I’m sorry. Everyone: RACIST! RACIST SCUM! THAT’S SO RACIST, UGH I’M SO SICK OF WHITE PEOPLE’S SHIT! SOOOOOOOO FUCKING RACIST GOD WHITE PEOPLE ARE JUST TOO MUCH! KILL YOURSELF YOU RACIST WHITE SUPREMACIST UGH!

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  • Yet the only places that still practice slavery are Africa and the Middle East

  • So can we still be friends? ;)

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