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I went on a date with a girl for the first time (I'm a girl) and we kissed at the end and she left and I haven't even told my parents that I'm gay so I had a panic attack because they're traditional Catholics so I ran to confession at the nearest church and told the priest and told me that he would pray for me because god is going to send me to hell 😭😭

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  • People go to church to have something to rely on, not everything has a conclusion to it. I'm not trying to alter your beliefs but since ur on here looking for opinions than here I am. Sexual orientation is in ur body meaning that U can't change. You are who you are. Sister, keep your head up! Be who you are don't listen to anybody but yourself. If hell does exist then it must be fuckingg popping!!!

  • I'm also going to hell, according to my family . it can't be possible because Satan wouldn't stand me :)) but if it'd true , let's all meet there ! It's going to be a hell of a party :)))))

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