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Okay well, since no one else is saying it, I guess I will. I’m getting pretty tired of black people’s shit, to be honest. They go around saying all this crap like, ‘’fuck white people’’ and ‘’I hate white people’’ and it’s all totally okay because ‘black people can’t be racist’. Screw you, anyone can be racist. In fact, I think it’s racist to say that black people can’t be racist. You’re literally saying a black person can’t feel a certain way about another race only because of their skin color. That seems pretty racist to me. Anyway, when you call black people out on their shit, they justify it by saying ‘’oh well, white people owned slaves in the past, so I can say whatever I want about them.’’ like shut the fuck up about slavery, my fucking god. Slavery is dead. It’s over. The only place that still practices slavery is Africa but no one ever talks about that. No, instead they want to bitch about the one percent of white people that owned slaves four hundred years ago. The fuck? Where is the logic in that? Yeah, slavery is such a horrible thing. Except when other black people practice it right? You hear all these fucking SJW’s talking about how ALL white people are responsible and benefit from slavery (which is fucking wrong) but no one ever even acknowledges that Africa practices it TODAY. See the double standards? I’m sick of all of it. And also BLM. Police brutality is an issue that affects EVERY race. Not just black people. So when you say ‘’black lives matter’’ it really sounds like you’re saying ‘’only black lives matter’’ and don’t even bother telling me that ‘’black lives matter doesn’t mean white lives don’t matter’’ because this is an issue that affects all races, not just whites and blacks. If it affects everyone, why the fuck are you just shedding the light on black people? Again, that seems pretty racist to me. Fuck you. You say you want equality and then treat white people like garbage? Where the fuck is the equality in that? How much longer do you think ya’ll can get away with treating white people like shit before white people stop caring about ya’ll altogether? Before white people say, ‘’you know what, screw ‘em they’re racist bastards and I don’t give a fuck what happens to them’’ is that really the ideal world you want to live in? Where everyone is racist against each other? Or would you rather live in a world where ‘equality’ actually means equality? You might wanna think about that the next time you spew some racist garbage and think you can get away with it just because you’re a ‘minority’.

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  • I appreciate that you are trying to think for your self; but you didnt think far enough. There is stupid racist people of any colour. no need to let them stand for all humans with the same shade of skin colour. /// "Do you know why i use the word stupid a lot? there is just no better word than stupid. It is not because i dont know any fancy words, i went to an ivy league school. I know a lot of them. there is just no better word than stupid." -donald trump.

  • not to argue about how america-centric this is: UN states that approx. 12 million people worldwide are living in a modern form of slavery; working in force labour and prostitution. Slavery existed throughout human history. it is not to be expected, that the domination of some people over other people will just vanish once "democracy saved us". Slavery is real. just less common, than once. We ought to be thankful for that. Slavery in the US as you mean (white people enlsaving black ones) only started four hundred years ago. i didnt find anything about how many percent of white people were slave owners, but roughly a hundred years before slavery was abolished -20%- of americas inhabitants were black. Slavery ended in 1865. That is not that long ago after all, minding how long (official) discrimination went on. greetings from europe.

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