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Ok so how in the world do I cancel feelings towards someone??? It isn't anything "forbidden" or "bad" I just don't want to love someone romantically it's to much trouble. And it's so fucking annoying that I can't look him in the eye or that my heart flutters whenever he walks by. I hate him. I can't imagine anything with real boys without starting to think of him. And I can't seem to not notice small cute things about him that's different. Like how mesmerizing his eyes are, how his hair curls in his neck, how everything about him makes me so nervous I can vomit. And the fucking worst thing is that seeing him makes my whole week or month. We don't live close so I only get to see him at skiing competitions. So now onto my original goal, how do I cancel feelings for someone?? Or else I'm going to be fucked. Please help me as soon as possible.

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  • Watch me do IT then

  • You can't cancel feelings. You're not a computer.

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