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My girlfriend and i have been dating for nearly 3 years. we went out to a bar together with her best friend and her boyfriend. as i was walking outside to go smoke a cigarrette her friend ask to join. i said sure and gave her a cig. after a few minutes of small talk i realized how drunk i was and how drunk she was and decided to take a seat on the curb. next thing i know shes kneeling in front of me trying to convince me to stand up to go back inside with her. i noticed little by little she was inching toward my face and before i could react we started making out. as soon as i realized what was going on i stopped and jumped up and she played it off like nothing happened. we went back inside and i just remember drinking to forget what had just happen. all i remember after that is how badly i wanted to have sex with her and how guilty i felt because i was having a great time with my girlfriend. its been a few days now and i still havent spoken to the girl and my girlfriend and i are completely normal but im going crazy inside from guilt of what i did but how much i actually enjoyed. i by no means want to break up with my girlfriend but i cant get her friend out of my head.

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  • fuck her dude, bust a nut in her face

  • Tell her and let her decide the next step. Seriously, if it comes out later it will make it worse.

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