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so I have a creeper. Situation was like this. I thought my boyfriend broke up with me, seriously though after a 2 week silence, anyway I was PISSED. so this random dude chats me up and tbh I didn't even look at him really and it was a normal conversation like between friends no hopes give here. So he gives me his number, I not really interested but still butt hurt, text him. I'm still giving no hopes but talking like I talk to my boys. Meanwhile my boyfriend texts me again and we meet up. Now everything is cool. Problem is Creeper misinterpreted my actions, idk how but he did. He shows up at my job and wants me to visit him in his truck blablabla. I'm kinda playing it down and laughing like "Yeah right. Nah you know we just good like this." Now I literally just left after my shift ended because a) I was feeling sick and tired and b) I wasn't down for creepy 42 year old I'm 24 BTW.

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  • tell the police?

  • Well, that will teach you not to take a number from someone you just met lol.

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