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I hate when I say I love you to my parents and their like if you love me then you would have clean your room or blah blah blah. I am entitled to my own body I wil, listen at times but im not your slave I get your my parents why cant you say I love you to and move on?

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  • Ok they shouldn't be telling you that if you loved them then you'd have a clean room etc..... That's just wrong. But really you don't have a right to say you are entitled to shit, because you aren't all they have to do is put food in your stumac a roof over your head and clothing on your back. You should have more respect for your parents and what you have. My 15 year old acted the same way as you. So I doubled her chores I threw out all her make up I took her phone and her tablet computer etc as i am the one that paid for it all. All her clothing comes from a thrift store and her room has her bed and dressers in it that's all. She tried to call child services on me and it didn't work as all of her needs are still met and even with her chores doubled it's still with in reasonable limits and expectations of a 15 year old. So I agree with you should just be able to say I love you and get one back but at the same time you need to listen to your parents and respect all the little extras you are given and do your damn chores without being told.... As a parent this is a huge deal. Chores are there to help you learn to take care of yourself and they are met to help you prepare for adulthood.

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