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I honestly hate strangers telling me their personal issues. Like what gave you the impression that I am right person to talk to. Like we just met, I don't even know your name and yet when I polite enough to exchange greetings it gives you the okay tell me something that is none of my business. Makes me feel uncomfortable and if you have a problem with someone do go to a complete stranger, confront them.

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  • Only old people? Because that happens to me with old people. Especially on bus stops. I fucking hate it, but old people usually don't even notice if you don't pay attention to them and just are on your phone while they talk. But I've had one younger man who kept talking to me once, and I just told him that I'm sorry but am not in the mood for that right now and that I want to be by myself. Worked.

  • I guess they think that most strangers are honest and nonjudgmental. Plus confronting someone is easier said than done.

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