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I assessed all my friends and came to thr conclusion half of them aren't real friends. Shitty ass friends

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  • I don't know about your situation, don't feel attacked if the following doesn't apply to you. But I am so sick of this. People started spreading the idea that you can and should 'cut toxic people out of your life' - so far so good. But some think that their friends are 'fake' or bad simply because they don't see you as their best friend. Someone isn't fake if they are nice to you every time you meet but then don't invite you to a party - it just means they're decent human beings who simply don't see you as close friends, but an acquaintance. Someone isn't a bad friend for not always saying the right thing or comforting you the way you want it - all humans are different, and if they're not the type to comfort someone, hug someone, then it doesn't matter how much you're best buddies, they can't do it. Some people should stop overreacting and start to know the difference between a good friend, a friend, an acquaintance and a person who actually tries to make you feel bad. Of course, someone who just does make you miserable should not be in your life. But in most cases, just backing up a little, not viewing someone as a friend but as an acquaintance, is the right way.

  • They are acquaintances.

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