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I have a crush on this guy, I know we both have many things in common like we are both family oriented, love movies specialy anime, love manga, love games and we love chocolate ♡ But I'm still not so confident of myself cause he is just so friendly and popular while even though I try my best to be friendly I can't really socialize much, being around people tire me out maybe cause I'm an introvert. Yeah so I want to approach him and maybe at least become a friend but I don't think I will left much impression on him :/ afterall I'm just one of the thousand girls who has a crush on him.

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  • You know eventually you'll need to get out of your comfortzone. If keep doubting yourself then you'll never know if he feels the same way. Who cares about the other girls, they shouldn't be a reason for you to worry. You like him then go for it, ask him out. It doesn't matter if he's a social person, it could be an opportunity to help gain more confidence. The best thing you could do if be yourself, don't pretend be something else. You never know until you try.

  • Popularity isn't important. If you guys have a lot in common, a friendship could very well work out

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