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my mom lies to my father (her husband) she steals (from accounts that were supposed to be for her children) she's a hypocrite (brags about fasting and the weight she's lost... even though you shouldn't brag about fasting, god calls people like that hypocrites outright and she's taking laxatives in addition-- glorified eating disorder) she's sneaky (contacting lawyers behind his back) and mixes lies with the truth (she pretends to have been sexually abused asa child to shut me up whenever I tell her that someone she left around me on purpose molested me) ... thats only the top of it.. even when she tries to manipulate money out of my successful older sister, my father (pretending she's gonna spend more on groceries than she will - hoarding family goods) or me... she;s very quiet about how well she's doing and what' i've realized is my mom is always going to secure HERSELF even at the expense of all of us. So i officially have no sympathy for any of her bullshit. LOL she's very much like the boy who cried wolf I will NEVER believe her or any lie that sells even with the evidence in my face .. she deserves w.e she gets

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  • It must be hard for you and your siblings.

  • what a crappy mom.

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