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So I want to have sex on Friday but I'm kinda freaking because I've been having diarrhea due to my lactose intolerance and I've been taking birth control. Now mine says that it should be in your body for about 4 hours. Yeah.. Haven't been up to date on checking if that happened for the last couple of days due to the mornings shifts. So I don't really want to use a condom, it hasn't been my favorite thing but there isn't anything else I really can chose from 😩 because I haven't had kids yet my gyno doesn't want to give me the shot. WTF why can't I have something to throw in orally on short notice and be safe no matter what. But noooooooooo Shit always has to be complicated. Take this and it might work or might not if you have the shits. Guess I have to go with the condom 😩

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  • If you love someone, shit on them....if they don't come back, they were never really yours.

  • So I guess a little Anal action is out of the question then. 🤔

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