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I have this friend who is a really good friend, I really enjoy being her friend. but there is just one thing. She is so curious about everything that she would search up her own name on everyone's phone secretly. So she would know if someone talked about her behind her back. She love to know other people secret and most of the time she shared it with me but ofcourse I scold her cause for me secret is something to be respected but she never listen. I never talked bad about her so I'm not scared if she search it up on my phone. But I'm so scared if she open my confesster cause I share all of my darkest secret here. I already use app lock and all but still scared. what if she secretly figure out the lock and been reading all of this secretly?

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  • Don't give her your phone. She has no right to go through it. Lock your phone and don't tell her the password. Better yet, if you can, use your fingerprint to lock your screen.

  • You could log out every time.

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