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Urge other day I had a bit of a panic attack, it wasn't very bad but it was bad enough for my boyfriend to be worried about me. I told him everything that was making me upset which included things like me feeling like I'm not going to do well in life and my low self confidence and I thought everything was fine but now he's told me that he got angry and upset about what I told him... I really don't know what to do

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  • Kick him in the nuts and tell him 'Well ,thanks for NOTHING!'

  • He got angry? He sounds like a horrible person. As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, I know how important it is to have just one person who grounds you and supports you, who doesn't let your fear run rampant and drag you with it. My boyfriend doesn't understand my anxiety very well, but he's trying to learn. He's trying to help me get over it, not just telling me to suck it up because my fears are stupid. You should talk to your boyfriend about how getting mad is not a good response and that it concerns you because you need to be with someone who is understanding of your problem and willing to help, not someone who is judgemental and will shame you for your mental condition. You deserve better.

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