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I went on a diet for a year and only lost 1 pound. I was so livid. I completely changed my entire diet. No fast food, no fatty food, proper portions. I tried so many different fruits and veggies that I didn't care for before and found healthy recipes to make them better. I kept track of every time I worked out. I started March 1st 2016 and told myself I would not weigh until Midnight. In 365 days I didn't work out 32 of them, most of which were days I was either sick, had too bad of cramps or I was too busy BUT i made up for every single 1 of those days by adding extra time another day. I couldn't believe the scale when it said 1lbs less. It was actually kind of depressing. When you feel like you accomplished something and you feel like you met your goal and then boom, a kick in the gut. It was not a fun experience either. It was painful. Cutting out the food wasn't even that bad is was the working out. I pushed myself so hard doing things I never thought i would and I feel like it's for nothing. I ate healthier but what did that do? I worked out more but what did that do other than make me sore? I only weigh 1 pound less than when I was enjoying a delicious slice of pizza or a ice cream and not pushing my body to the limit and sitting on the couch watching Scandal and OITNB. Im so frustrated right now. This was a huge blow and I'm just really discouraged right now.

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  • Don't look at the scale. Are your clothes looser? Do you feel better? Do you look slimmer in the mirror? These are the things you have to judge by. When I started working out, I GAINED weight- but I lost fat. Muscle weighs more than fat. Don't go by the scale when you're trying to get fit. It just tells you how much you weigh. It doesn't tell you how much of that is muscle. Don't feel bad about only losing one pound. You feel better, don't you? I felt a lot better when I started living healthy, both physically and emotionally.

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