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I was born into weird family. My dad is an engineer and part time mathematics & physics lecturer at university. He dedicated his whole life to numbers and science. Believe me he calculate every single things in our lives. He does maths during breakfast and dinner. He even started conversation with physics facts. My mum has kinda OCD but not really. She's a housewife, she looks normal but most of the time she would be moving things inside the house even when we were watching TV, she will be at the corner moving succulents one place to another while watching TV. Everyday I came home, the living room furniture arrangement will change. My clothes sometimes ended up in my brothers wardrobe. My brother is an emo kid but he is also nerd at the same time. So at school, he's top 3 students in his class but he never really pay attention in class. Sometimes he skipped some classes to come back to sleep. My sister loves martial arts. She got her taekwando lesson when she was 8 and continue learning more karate, judo until now. That's alright but she either wear the uniform or bring it everywhere she goes. She wont go out without it. Last time, she went out shopping wearing the uniform. My grandma is car enthusiast, she knows more about car than our mechanics. Now, she's really old and sometimes forget things, she would be out randomly buying car. Me? My job is to make sure my grandma didn't buy another car, assure my sister than she didn't have to wear the uniform all the time, be patient with my mum bcos she would be angry if I cant find things and try to solve math question the next time my dad asks me. My brother can take care of himself tho.

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