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I met this guy, we fell in love but then he had to leave to pursue his career. Years goes by, I met another guy and took 5 years for him to convinced me to get married. I said yes and we are blessed with a daughter. Then, after a year he decided to visit his parents. My husband had huge fight with his family long time ago. I have never met them and suddenly after my husband was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer, he had a change of heart. He forgave everyone and wanted to ask their forgiveness. The family accepted us and then I found out that his brother was the man I loved. 6 months after he was diagnosed, my husband died. Despite all that had happened his family cared for us and often came to visit us. Last week, his brother came to see me. He asked me for my hand in marriage. It was so sudden and it drives me crazy. I felt like it was just inappropriate but my heart still wants him. I have not decided. I don't think his parents are okay with this. Ugh this is just so weird.

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  • dont do it... he dumped you once for his career didnt even care to keep in touch. he would change you easily, If you wanna suffer later in life and waste your youth dont follow my advice.

  • I say don't think it's appropriate to marry the brother despite you're feelings. if you really want the brother than wait atleast 5 years before you start anything.

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