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after i confessed to him—and the whole class—that I still love him, my heart can't stop to burst out of my chest. that same night, I sometimes spotted him looking at me with thousand meaning eyes and I become afraid of what happen next. we've been keeping our distance, for half a year it's not change at all. it's between me who keep avoiding him, or the other way. It's been a hard time since I know we just so closed as a good friend in the first six months we met. and then it suddenly change with a simple mistakes by me; being to closed to him and the news spreading all over class that i love him. from that, I promise myself to stay on my track, don't want to wandering again what he's been thinking or feeling about me, i dont care. but, after that confession something changes. I can see him at the corner of my eyes. he standing there behind me, stand still even call his friend over to take something, which before he move to standing behind me they standing together. And now everytime i looked at our class photo, he standing behind me, which i've been begging for in my silence and never happen. he just happen to be around me as he could, maybe me gettimg closer to him, maybe him willingly to stay close to me. but we never say anything, it's still disturb me cause my confession still hanging in the air with no answer. can I say his changing as the answer? i dont want to hope that he will be mine anymore. this is nice, really nice and i do thankful about what he did. but, i still need the answer as a word, don't I?

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  • sorry for bad english, hope u know what i mean -writer-

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