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I find young interracial couples kinda weird and kind a disgusting. Well mainly when black people date other races. The black guy is always ugly, or a thug. The black woman is usually okay, but has self hate issues. I don't understand why none of them don't date their own race. Why bring problems to other races instead of fixing your own?

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  • it's called humanity has issues. it's called you got kindergarten logic bro

  • Anyone who's disagreeing with post is either delusional, black, or both. Google colorism in the black community. Google black Tommy Sotomayor and watch his videos. He's speaks on exactly what I'm saying here. Look at the black male commenters. They're all disgusted with their own race and their reasons are fair. But running away to other races is stupid in my opinion. Just fix the problem. I'd start with hoodrats and thugs first. Get an education and stop listening to their shitty mainstream hippy hop bullshit. The shit ghetto black people out on the radio is the most dumb shit I've ever heard. All they talk about is sex and drugs. What's being done about it? nothing! But you want me to sympathize with them? Whatever.

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