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Reading about all these deportations and fears breaks my heart. Why is there no compassion? The love? People shouldn't be living in fear like this, all they want is a better life. The undocumented have suffered enough. It's about time that the immigration system should be reformed in a way that the dedicated can become permanent residents and eventually American citizens. Some have been staying for over 10 years, yet they're still considered "aliens."How disheartening. For now, I pray that DACA remains and Dreamers will obtain a pathway to citizenship. Stay strong for those suffering under this difficult status, know that there are people who stand by you.

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  • "You are going to throw out some good with the bad" Is not an argument to discard all rules. It is an argument to refine the rules. If you think TSA screenings are to strict you can lobby for change, but you cannot just walk on the plane and flip off the people who try to throw you back off.

  • I live in Britain and am a citizen by decent as I was born in Luxembourg but someone who knows that information came up to me the other day and told me go back to my own country. It's not just undocumented citizens that are being alienated and I'm Caucasian so that incident wasn't racially fuelled but according to that person I'm a leach that needs to be deported because my mother didn't push me out of her vagina on British soil.

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