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My boyfriend is great and all, but he's not the right person to deal with my depression. Sure, he isn't supposed to be my cure or my therapist. But he can't deal with my mood swings, or the hate and sadness I sometimes throw at him. He doesn't understand my illness and can't be there for me the way I need it. This is definitely a reason to break up. And so, the depression is destroying even the last good thing I had in my life.

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  • Is he trying to learn though? Are you making any effort to be better about it? I too have depression, but there are things you can do to be better about mood swings or the snapping at him. But if he won't be more understanding while you're trying to heal mentally or help you, maybe he's not the right choice.

  • Get better medication. He's probably getting worn down but won't admit it.

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