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OK! So this is really weird. I was getting my breakfast otw to work and then accidentally bumped into a group of guys who were queuing behind me, they were so tall and I didn't see them as I was shoving my sandwich into my bag. Hahaha.. So, one of them were like "eyy, its fine.. we knew it was an accident." I looked at him and like flashes of memories just appears in my head like swooshh like I knew this guy but who is he? I smiled and said sorry and rush to work place. Then fast forward, as I was walking my way back home. Those 3 guys were there smoking and the same guy came up to me and like "Hey its you again. Uhm.. Do you know me? No wait.. do I know you?" I was just stunned and told him I didnt think so and I walked so fast like a horse. I was anxious idk why.

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