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Yesterday when I came home from class my sister was talking to someone in our room and I guessed she was on the phone but half an hour passed and I wanted to study so I went inside. She was talking to her fucking bamboo. For at least half an hour. When I walked in she was saying something like "you'll grow up to be a big pwetty sweet bambooe, won't you my sweety sweet boom boom?". This fucking kid. She's 18 years old. She sleeps with 4 teddy bears and 3 pillows and has about 10 more teddy bears and plushies in the room. Funniest thing is she isn't like that old the time. Sometimes she's a creepy, scary metalhead who wears black and likes gore-y things. And sometimes she's this fucking geek that forgets to sleep, eat, drink and even go to the toilet because she's studying, she gets excited at paper planes and conducts experiments. And then she's on full dumb mode, laughing and stupid memes and dark jokes. she can also go on full fangirl mode when she's reading or writing or doing anything related to her fandoms. She's so weird and she behaves like a child most of the time. I adore the fuck out of her

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  • Could be a fetish?

  • i had to read again because I thought Op said :" she was talking to her bimbo "

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