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" Migrants shouldn't stay in our country, they're taking our money " . " Why should we help migrants when we already have a lot of homeless people? ". " Migrants are dangerous, they can't stay in our country". You say that there are a lot of homeless people, YOU, the same person that doesn't even look a homeless in the eyes when he asks you for a coin .I've been volunteering in a migrant camp and the only thing they want Is a stable environment for their kids they don't even care about your money .History showed that peace doesn't last long.So, what if a war started in your country and that you had to move ? it's not easy leaving the home that saw you grow up but you know what's even harder ? being treated as a threat just because you wanted to save your family and seek peace . Dont forget that Europeans were once migrants And that the people who settled Australia were convicts . You can hate me for giving my opinion or we can act as civilized and open-minded people.

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  • Those European migrants killed the locals and replaced them. Do you really want to follow the example of the people who died and lost their land?

  • Where does it end? How many do we let in before its enough? Also it is cheaper to help these people closer to their homeland. I believe the ratio is about 12 families can be assisted closer to their home for the price of bringing one here. I know it's sad, it's unfair, but surely a time comes when one must choose themselves over others?

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