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Trying hard not to yell at my daughter... She got caught a week ago smoking and I grounded her... I caught her smoking at school and I was able to embarrass her before we left the smoking area of the school... She retaliated by telling her counselor that I physically abused her and forced her into her the car.... Her counselor by law is required to call child protective services on me..... for the 7th time in the past 15 months.

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  • Time to throat punch that little bitch. She's already accusing you of it might as well do it. 👊🏻

  • Lol that is why kids are so hard headed there, sometimes your law is good, but most of the time it sucks, kids yell at their parents, call them by first name, and do whatever they want and you can't really discipline them because they will tell the authorities shitty lies. (Happened to my aunt who married someone and had kids there).

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