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I hate lovey dovey couples, they make me gag lol. If yalls want to suffocate each other have at it but don't suffocate everyone else with your clingyness. My friend drags her boyfriend everywhere it's so annoying. She even brought him to my house without telling me after only knowing him for 2 weeks. Why the hell are you bringing strange men you met online to my house when you barely know them. That really pissed me off. The fact that he's a loser doesn't help either. He doesn't have a job, he hasn't made any attempt to get a job. He has a car but he can't drive it because he won't go get his license. She hauls his lazy ass everywhere. She even got him to enroll at the community college she goes to and he went twice a week for 1 semester and never enrolled in new classes again. All they do is post pictures of themselves and smoke weed. Im tired of having him tagalong everywhere and i feel like the 3rd wheel when I'm the one suggesting we go. They even did it to me on my birthday. Me and my friend were supposed to hang out for the day like we've been doing the past 3 years and of course she shows up to my house with that bum and suddenly i become the 3rd wheel on my birthday. We saw a movie and they held hands and kissed half the time then we went to a club and they were making out and taking selfies most of the time. At dinner they were takin more pictures and it was just super annoying. I felt like a parent chaperoning her daughter on date. Ever since those incidents i been distancing myself. I already removed them from my facebook and unfollowed on ig because im tired of seeing them

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  • I had this exact same bs. My "best friend" of over 10 years got a loser bf who was literally good for nothing and suddenly i becamr the third wheel.. Confronted her and got nothing but bs.. Her acting like it was all MY FAULT. Stopped talking to her and have been much happier since

  • why don't u tell her? or stop being friends w her since she doesn't sound like a friend

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