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My crush had nasty breakup with his ex. He was always in bad mood when she's around. Me and my crush are in the same design project. I work so hard to not look so stupid in front of him but I keep fucking up anyway. :( He helped me despite me making so many mistakes. Anyway, the project finally done after 3 months of hard work and sleepless nights. We did so well although we're fucked up last minute. We were so happy that the lecturers love it. After our presentation, he walked out to the corridor and he was like "It was nice working with you. We did it.." I was internally screaming I wanna hug him so bad but I'm just so awkward. Then, he hugged me and kiss my forehead. My brain just exploded, I feel like I was floating... I said "I like working with you too.." then I ran fast to the toilet. I was blushing like a tomato. In my mind I was like what are you doing? why did you kiss me? are we an item? marry me? no? what what what?

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  • eleven or twelve? how old r u?

  • So go back and invite him out somewhere.....the worst he can say is no, but seems to me he'd say yes.

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