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Guys always complain about how I don't want to date men that are under 180 cm tall. Well, that's my height. I've dated guys shorter than me, and every single one of them has developed some kind of complex and thought they actually had the right to tell me what kind of shoes to wear and all that shit. Also, I sometimes like to hug people who have their head above my shoulder level. Everything else is just freaking awkward. They don't even read my whole profile, just send me some abuse over me only wanting to date tall guys, and then when I tell them my height they're like "Oh, so you're really that tall?" Yeah, dickhead, why would I lie about that? Oh, I forgot, because that's something you do all the time.

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  • My bf is the same height as me, and I'm okay with it. But I'd prefer someone taller tbh.

  • Maybe put in your profile that you're that tall before you put that you only want guys with that height? I had thought that most guys already don't want you anymore if you're taller than them

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