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This woman at work said something along the lines of "I don't know if my husband is too big or if I just have a low cervix". We work in a call center so you're supposed to act as if you are always recorded. I was told even if you're not on a call, if you have your headset on, you're being recorded. No one in QA or walking by her cubicle need to hear about her sex life. Also, it's very easy to not realize the customer didn't hang up and you're still on the line with them. Or a call could come in and a customer might hear you. Customers definitely don't want to hear about your cervix. She wasn't exactly whispering this either. I don't want to hear about anyone's sex life. If its always uncomfortable, talk to your ob/gyn. Or at least not while you're connected to a phone.

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  • Ya loosen up. We want to hear about her cervix.

  • At the last call canter i worked at we would all group together and chat about everything, great work dynamic. Maybe you should loosen up a little ?

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