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I don't understand the purpose of wearing make up at the gym. You're there to work out not go to a club. The amount of women I've seen wear make up is unbelievable. Guys at the gym I go to have no interest for those women. Stop trying to look sexy and disturb their work out. As a female I find it embarrassing, I too like to wear make up but not to a gym. Just makes you look bad.

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  • Whatever floats their boats, it doesn't bother me honestly, I giggle at it sure, but it doesn't interfere with my routine and it takes attention away from me when everyone is starting at the hot ladies they won't notice the dorky girl in sweatpants lol

  • Calm down honey. Some women need make up to feel comfortable. What's bad about it? I have horrible acne and although I know that people can still tell, I just feel like crap when I go out without make up. My mom is a ginger and has basically no eyebrows and lashes, and although she's very pretty, she looks like she's 20 years older when she isn't wearing eyebrow- and eye make up. What is bad about people wanting to look good? Yeah, it's still stupid to apply as much as if you're going out, but it's not even your business, really. Let them fucking be. It's not hurting you. Oh. And. Some people actually go to the gym after or before going to work or to the city or whatever, and don't want to put on or off the make up they '"need'' for that in the changing room. Just saying.

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