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All my friends and family think I am extremely creative because I always come up with awesome ideas for paintings, gift cards, stories etc. They all call that my biggest talent and constantly tell me that I should take a job in that field. Truth is, I've never had one single idea - they all came from the internet. I didn't even mean to pretend I came up with it in the first place, but they wouldn't listen when I said it's not my own ideas. And now I don't want to come clean because my creativity is the only thing I ever get praised for.

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  • I think you're truly creative. You telling them that those weren't your ideas, and they not caring means they see something in you. Anyway, I'd suggest you actually try to put your touch, and gradually make these stuff your own. Finally, don't let praise determine what you do, do what you like and what you're good at :)

  • As long as you put your own spin on it, it's okay to draw inspiration from the internet. In art, nothing is 100% original. You are always inspired by something. Don't feel bad.

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