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I treat my mom better than my sisters and brothers. when she's tired with the chores I help her, when they aren't. but I don't know why, when I do something she kinda doesn't care because it's me. I am nothing to her. like today, I wanted to show her a video about a dog and she's like 'why should I watch a dog?' and leave me just like that. I was excited to show her until I regret it.

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  • She's used to you treating her well so she doesn't appreciate the nice things you do. It's like how my grandma would buy me small gifts for every insignificant holiday, so over time I didn't appreciate them as much. But now that she's gone, I only wish she was here to give me silly little gifts for St. Patrick's day.

  • I know. My mom watched me be abused and still almost 2 years later i still crave for her to be proud on me and do everything to make her happy. Shit life isnt it.

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