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The majority of us have that ex right? The first. The one you spent years with, only to realize it wasn't meant to be? Well I'm in a new relationship of a month or two, and I gotta say, things are perfect. She has a beautiful mind, we relate so much, we get along perfectly and best of all, we're also best friends. That's the one thing my last relationship lacked - friendship. This one, realistically speaking, isn't great looking, but that doesn't matter to me anymore. What matters is her companionship and loyalty. I love it, and I wouldn't go back. Thing is, my ex was pretty damn hot. As crazy as she was, he had that going for herself, and I'll never talk bad about her apperance. Last night, I had a dream that I found myself at some party with her, my ex. She was drunk, I was clear minded. She was seducing me, and it was painful to withstand. I wanted her so bad, but I told myself I couldn't do this to my girlfriend. The more my ex persisted, the less big of a deal I thought it would be if maybe I just let her suck my dick or something. It happened. She finished me all over her naked body, and only then did I truly realize what I've done. I left the party and started stressing over things, like whether my ex will remember, and whether she would tell my girlfriend. What was I thinking, of course she would. I know her. Later in the dream (remember, I'm dreaming), I was with my girlfriend, and she was talking about the casual things the normally would. She didn't know, but I had to tell her... But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I woke up this morning, thinking I had cheated on my girlfriend, feeling like I had something to confess to. But... Don't I? I mean I consciously chose to cheat on her, dream or not. Should I tell her? Or should I just bury this? After all, it was just a dream... Fuck.

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  • Don't tell her. Just think about it yourself to get your priorities.

  • Listen. I've had dreams like this. I've been almost exactly in your position. So let me tell you what conclusion I came to. It's just a dream. Your subconscious mind sometimes conjures up things that horrify you in waking life. I've had dreams of killing my entire family in a fit of blind rage- it doesn't mean I want to do it. It's normal to miss your ex, despite everything. It's normal to still have residual lusts, especially if she was more physically appealing to you. It doesn't mean you don't love your current gf. It doesn't mean you're going to cheat on her. It doesn't mean you are still in love with your ex. It's also normal to feel guilty about doing bad things in your dreams, but ultimately, it's just a dream. Honestly, more than likely, the dream seems to symbolize that you feel your ex still has power over you, still has a strong grip on you, despite her being out of your life. You feel trapped by her because of the residual lust you still feel and it makes you question your relationship, even though you love your gf more. Dreams are almost always symbolism, they're very rarely literal. Sorry this was long but I hope I helped

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