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I had DREAMS about surviving something terrible by pretending to be dead. They took my body to a place where they're going to display. There are another girl who are also like me. One of our so called handler knew we weren't dead. He kept us. We knew what he was doing, he was different. Years has passed, I ran and went back to my family. I told them to not report to the police bcos he would come to 'finish them' and let me suffer. So, they didn't but I was told to go the mass funeral where several friends of mine were buried. I came back to find me families are dead, I was hallucinating. Then, I woke up. I feel like this isn't healthy. Is something wrong with me or was it just a dream?

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  • you are going to find out soon if you don't fix your health

  • Just a dream. It probably represents your fear of being away from your family.

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