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I started having health issues from alcohol so I began running and working out. I'm not quitting forever just for a month. But the truth is that i can't have fun without it. I don't know how to socialize and just feel good without it. It just kinda completes me.

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  • That's only because it's fresh. Of course your life seems worse right after you quit. You don't know how to do things without alcohol anymore. Or never learned. Plus, there simply are advantages of alcohol that you'll never get without it. I, for example, am so shy that I can't talk to people without almost fainting. I discovered alcohol, I thought my life was changed for the better - and it was, because I could suddenly talk to people, made friends, had fun like I never thought I could have. But it also made me lose friends because I am an asshole when drunk. So I stopped. What now? I haven't made a single new friend at any party since then. That sucks. But have I lost friends? No. Life without alcohol will suck in some situations. But it will make other situations way better. And once you get used to it again, a little of the fun can return.

  • replace it with weed

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